Exhibition: 19 March – 17 April 2010

Holster Projects is pleased to announce the opening of manMADE featuring works by artists Christoph Draeger, Bee Emmott and Alexandre Orion.   In the works featured in this show, all artists examine the contemporary urban environment that surrounds us.

Christoph Draeger’s pieces primarily deal with both natural and man made disasters: creating works that are based on historical events.   Draeger raises the idea that disasters surround us continuously, however, it is only the ones that touch us personally that we recognise.   With events such as the earthquake in Haiti we feel that we know disasters intimately because of the way in which the media presents them to us in such detail and so extensively immediately.   However, the purpose is not to retell events as they actually were, but to question our memory of media images.   Draeger reveals how contrived and ordered, and therefore distanced, our perceptions of an apparently instantaneous and uncontrolled reality are.   Portraying these images on a jigsaw puzzle rather than a straightforward photograph or painting adds another level to these principle, continuing the contrived idea it suddenly becomes possible to create order out of the chaos.

Bee Emmott’s practice focuses on the ideas of space and image and the reinterpretation of the ‘flat’ two dimensional surfaces and displaying them as three dimensional objects.   This has been continued with the recent series of works with architect Tom Gibson as the collective two//fold.   In these pieces they examine ideas of scale, craft and spontaneity.   As much as possible acting on instinct, detailed and expressive drawings are firstly created before a physical handling of the drawn material.   The process is repeated and recorded often enough to reach an unpredictable and exciting set of results.   For manMADE Emmott will be creating new site specific works using the architecture of the gallery which focus on notions of scale and tensions between two and three dimensions.

While Emmott plays with the planes of space Alexandre Orion plays with landscapes, distances and perception.   In Orion’s works painting and photography share the same environment.   The paintings are on the walls of the streets of São Paulo, created purely to be photographed.   He describes it as a: ‘duel between languages.     The endless duel between photography and painting, that in the information era, makes us think of how fragile images are.‘   In the same way that painting and photography are duelling so are the human and the representation of the human, the stone and the flesh, everything is true and false.

Using every day events for example a person walking along the street, by taking the image he makes it extraordinary.   The apparently non important fragment and moment which he captures make his characters eternal and makes the everyday streets into a work of art.