10 November – 14 November 2009

Adelberg was brought up in a house of fashion, design and art, where it was worn, made and appreciated.     Growing up in the late 1960’s he was surrounded by and influenced by ‘pop’ culture and the contemporary arts.   While his work uses different mediums the underlying message is the

same; his work is often overtly sexual, explicit, dark, comedic, sartorial, aggressive, insulting, risky, and political.    His aims and intentions are to provoke thought at any measure.

The Dead Boys Club is no different.   Looking back at his youth and the counterculture of the punk rock scene, he transports us into the world of clubs and live music venues where punk bands would come and play for one night evoking havoc and disarray, where they would bellow out their political views, using the idea of freedom of speech.