Galerie Kornfeld, Kunsthandel GmbH & Co KG, Fasanenstrasse 26, 10719 Berlin
25th May – 10th August 2013

In her first solo show in Berlin Kvesitadze reexamines her recurring theme of the relationship between the sexes.   She takes motifs from antiquity, mythology and surrealism.  Violence and sexuality are intertwined.  Faces, masks and fragmented bodies symbolise the internal conflict of modern individuals, their emotions, their search for happiness and fulfilment, their fears and hopes.  Questions about individuality are raised, and the relationships between the individual and society and fellow humans are examined.   Kvesitadze continues with kinetic sculptures, they are not just the representation of movement; she says: “I was always interested in Greek philosophy and especially the aphorisms of Heraclitus.   According to him, everything is in flux and one can never enter the same river twice…   Given that sculpture is not typically linked to movement I became more and more interested in experimenting with this idea in my practice.”

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Glasstress - White Light/White HeatGlasstress - White Light/White Heat

Glasstress – White Light/White Heat

at the 55th Venice Biennale curated by James Putnam
1st June – 24th November 2013
Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, S. Marco, 2842 30124 Venice, Italy
Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass, Murano

Glasstress aims to break glasswork free from its stereotypes; to replace it within the global culture of contemporary art. This year, the third time Glasstress is to be an official event of the Venice Biennale, the exhibition focuses on the concept of ‘fashion’. The group show curated by James Putnam places McVeigh in the company of over fifty internationally renowned artists, designers and fashion designers including Tracey Emin, Miroslav Balka, Cornelia Parker, Eli Saab and Thomas Schutte. McVeigh’s piece Solitude a Breath Away, 2013 is an autobiographical work about mother and child represented through the juxtaposition of objects. The work particularly examines women and their bodies. As McVeigh states: “The carriage and ‘carrying’ is significant, the mother carries the child and the child the mother throughout its lifetime. The pumps suggest the giving of the body and the overwhelming state of physical and mental change that can come with bringing new life into the world. The delicacy and transparency of the glass suggests the innocence of the child and the fragility of the mother.” There will also be a commemorative edition of 20 hand-blown glass breast pumps available. For more information, please contact info@holsterprojects.com.

Hunting Song

Solo show/installation
Gervasuti Foundation
Curated by James Putnam
29th May – 7th July 2013
Via Garibaldi, Fontamenta Sant’Ana, Castello 995, 30 122, Venice, Italy

McVeigh will transform an existing room at the Gervasuti Foundation (known as the Charity Shop) into an installation housing her own work and collection of objects gathered over twenty years. The work demonstrates McVeigh’s interest in individual and cultural identity and memory, exploring the histories of the found objects. There are books from Syria, sculpture from Africa, a typewriter, old letters and diaries, encyclopedias, neglected photographs and tintypes from New York. The installation explores human identity, memory, and the collective unconscious; and also the tangible: what is left when we are gone.

Icastica 2013 Glocal Women 1e

Icastica 2013 Glocal Women 1e

Arezzo International Art, Italy
8th June – 18th August 2013

Curated by respected art critic Fabio Migliorati and founded by Paivihannele Tirkkonen Icastica 2013 Glocal Women is inspired by the word Icastica, meaning ‘the art of representing reality’. This year’s show focuses on the condition of women as ‘glocalised’ and the increasingly standardised ways in which women present themselves. Alongside McVeigh, Icastica showcases work from forty influential female artists from five continents including Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, Amy Cheun and Federica Marangoni. McVeigh places travel at the centre of much of her work, subverting notions of time and place to explore identity and a universal subconscious. She presents a series of mono prints “a way of working that stops us from being too preoccupied with the ‘touch’ of the artist – of the sense that what one is looking at is a form of ‘writing’, in which the movement of the brush is the equivalent of the gesture of the artist’s hand; and, by implication, a sort of extension and expression of the emotional state or their personality”. (J.J. Charlesworth). The work does not comment on our current situation, but focuses on what makes us individuals, what makes up the world that we live in and what is at the heart of our history.

The artist will also show her first film, Sight of Memory, which documents her extended stay in Syria. Using a hand-held camera, the film is a personal response to life and the details that define us.


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